Concello de Negueira de Muñiz


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Popular Architecture

Among the mountains and valleys of Negueira de Muñiz you will be surprised by the great variety of details that demonstrate a unique popular architecture.


Old wineries and civil architecture

The Boadil Bridge of civil architecture from the beginning of the 20th century is worthy of praise, it has been preserved since before the construction of the reservoir and has been restored, reinforcing the base by adding a bit more height to avoid being under water.

You will be struck by the centenary wineries of Sanzormar with great ethnographic interest, where in some access road with sections of stone it still preserves marks of the carts used in the harvest.

Traditional constructions

In the municipality of Negueira de Muñiz we can see the Asturian-type granaries and breadbaskets that still exist, the houses with thick stone walls and gabled slate roofs, the two-body granaries where the corn was kept in one part and in the other, the products of the slaughter that, having a structure of pillars, took advantage of the bottom to put the farming implements.

Entering landscapes of chestnut and oak trees will give you “ouriceiras”, circular constructions that preserved the chestnuts of bears, the magnificent public laundries and a variety of prehistoric remains throughout the municipality.

Cortiño in A Gamalleira

Muiño in Tallobre

Hórreo in Ernes

Sanzormar wineries

Laundry in Negueira

Foot of the granary in Sarceada

Vilaseca laundry

Hórreo in Ouviaño

Hórreo in Negueira