Concello de Negueira de Muñiz


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Landscapes to enjoy

Peace, tranquility and beauty join the local roads, the charming trails and the waters of the Navia River that forms a spectacular canyon in the almost intact landscape of Negueira de Muñiz.

We invite you to discover the silence that is flooded with nature and runs between beautiful villages steeped in history, where monuments and archaeological remains appear between waters and forests to become before your eyes as if by magic in precious jewels.

Boabdil bridge

Our bridge, built at the beginning of the 20th century, is an example of civil architecture that crosses the river joining Ouviaño and San Antolín de Ibias, leaving a beautiful image of slopes, mountains and the Grandas de Salime reservoir, which, when the flow is low, it shows us beautiful secrets reflecting all the splendor of this bridge.

Virxe da Veiga recreational area

Rest and enjoy at the foot of the Grandas de Salime Reservoir, with tables for snacks, barbecues, playground and a jetty, make the contour of this recreational area, an ideal place to relax in a beautiful natural environment where the Chapel of To Virxe da Veiga who gives him his name.

Santalla Bridge

Another example of civil architecture in our Council. This bridge crosses the Navia river so that we can access the other shore of the Grandas de Salime reservoir and thus be able to visit an almost isolated area for many years until this bridge was built. Santalla, Vilauxín, Cancio, Ernes, O foxo, are traditional villages in which we can discover a characteristic architecture of that bank of the reservoir.

Recreational areas in the roundabouts of the LU-P-3601

The recreational areas of the Rotondas of the LU-P-3601, offer you a perfect place in the middle of nature, where sun and shade caress tables and benches while waiting for snacks, while the views over the reservoir become impressive in the middle of native forests and places incredible that do not disappoint if you want to meet us.