Concello de Negueira de Muñiz


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Initiatives in Negueira de Muñiz

Different initiatives are part of the charm of our land, which are carried out in the middle of nature, preserving the most valuable of the environment, using natural products and making them in an artisanal way, respecting the environment and showing the world the authenticity of Negueira of Muñiz.

Traditional bakers who use top quality flour lovingly kneading high quality bread, various leather articles worked by the hands of patient artisans who delight us with real jewels. Imagination becomes art in this magical corner of Galicia that is Negueira de Muñiz. Take the initiative and get closer, everything about us will surprise you.

Asgaya Honey

Located in Ernes, this project is dedicated to bees and their derivatives. Respectful with the environment and framed within the Natura 2000 Network and the Biosphere Reserves, Miel Asgaya produces raw honey and fresh pollen of the highest quality.


A project dedicated to organic food grown and handcrafted under the Ribeiregas seal. Respectful with the environment and sustainable consumption, they offer different varieties of jams, sauces, juices, dehydrated fruits, vegetables, patés or bread. The Ribeiras do Navia Cooperative, located in Ernes, received in 2016, one of the ADEGA Oxygen Awards, for the quality of its food and the revitalization of the rural environment including commercial and catering activities.

The Country of Abeyeiro

A center located in Pena da Nogueira that preserves its original structure of more than 300 years. Dedicated to everything related to bees and honey and where you can observe everything related to beekeeping, train yourself or buy a jar of honey, while enjoying an incomparable environment. This ecomuseum is committed to the natural, architectural and ethnographic value of Negueira, in which its owners have planned activities giving this space the adjective of “alive”, while “OUTERELOS” and Mel de Cortín, the honey they sell, we sweetens visits to the center.

Lento Cooperative

Lento is a cooperative that makes artisan bread and pastries with organic ingredients and natural dough. Located in Ernes, this small workshop was included in 2021 in the Roteiro do Bo Pan de Galicia.